Our Mission

Our mission is to create healthier cultures through team-led wellbeing

What we’ve learned

Customer feedback, expert insight, and our experience delivering workplace mental health training for private and public sector clients, tells us that leaders and managers often feel they don’t have the expertise they assume they need to talk about mental health and wellbeing in any context.

This is often due to a lack of knowledge and confidence and a lack of awareness of the opportunities that wellbeing-related skills present. The consequence is that leaders, managers, and employees don’t feel psychologically safe or that they have the permission to have meaningful wellbeing-related conversations at work.

However, leaders and managers don’t need to be experts to engage those around them, they just need to be authentic and have the permission, confidence, toolkit, and support.

We have learned that empowering people and their leaders is the only realistic way to protect employee mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and embed it into culture.

Healthier Attitudes Toward Mental Health and Wellbeing

We believe that employee wellbeing is the core business of everyone: a shared responsibility, at every level.

HR, L&D and Wellbeing teams quite rightly take a leading role in selecting and implementing initiatives, but they can only work if leadership and management drive the culture and allow the creation of psychologically safe environments that recognise and meet evolving employee needs.

This is why we developed Genesis, a wellbeing solution that’s facilitated by managers in their teams, and that fosters open, honest and meaningful wellbeing conversation and turns everyone into a wellbeing champion.

Why We Can Help Your Organisation

We can empathise with individual and collective workplace-related wellbeing challenges because we’ve been through them.

From navigating the challenges with embedding evolving narratives across large teams to individual struggles with poor mental health within high-performance cultures, we can relate to what you may be trying to achieve – whether it be to protect your workforce, improve engagement and connection or to enable their growth.

Determined to grow from our own challenges, and backed by leading mental health and psychology experts, we discovered an approach that embeds and sustains personal progression and growth.

Meet The Team

Our Genesis team are dedicated to delivering our mission and changing the wellbeing narrative.

On large-scale mental health & wellbeing strategies we can call upon our network of quality and trusted associates.

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Robert Morrice
Strategic Advisor
Laura Jackson
Co Founder and Operations Lead
Olly Church
Co Founder and Instructional Design Lead
Tim Rushmere QGM
Research & Operations Manager
Emily Joy
Partnerships Director
Paul Sykes
Senior Strategic Advisor
Lt Gen Sir Nick Pope KCB CBE
Organisational Health Advisor Chartered Psychologist
Lisa Lloyd C.Psychol
Communications Skills Lead
Chris White
Mental Fitness & Resilience Lead
James Elliott
Strengths Coach
Merlin Hanbury-Tenison MBA
Therapist & Life Coach
Siobhan Nell HPD DipCHyp NLP Prac MNCH

Our Approach

The Eleos Partnership describes the relationship that we aim to have with our clients, based on compassion, empathy, trust and a commitment to work together to serve your people most effectively.

We specialise in upskilling leaders and managers and implementing efficient and impactful distributed learning cultures using our Genesis product and approach.

We can help public and private sector organisations of all sizes, who see the value and opportunity of investing in the wellbeing of their people.

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