Tim Rushmere QGM

Founder of The Eleos Partnership


Lead Instructor and Programme Designer

Tim is a Lead Instructor and the Eleos Team’s programme designer. He is passionate about helping people and organisations confront adversity head on in search of sustaining optimal health to underpin performance.

With a background in product and graphic design Tim enjoyed 14 very active years in the British Army, including two operational tours, completing both Commando and Airborne selection and received an award for gallantry in 2007.

Having experienced ten years of changeable mental health and then significant mental illness Tim led a self-determined recovery by actively unpacking the root causes and the unhelpful behaviours that followed. Tim has experienced first-hand the complexities that poor mental health can create in both daily life and how it can be compounded within a high-performance culture, especially upon relationships, judgement and decision-making.

He understands the critical role of mastering a resilient mindset as the foundation to performance in life and applying practical personal strategies that embed positive, progressive development. An avid sportsman, he values the role physical fitness has to play in keeping the mind healthy and in the ongoing development of mental fitness.

Now as a qualified teacher, personal trainer, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, a practitioner in Timeline Therapy™, as well as a Mental Fitness and Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Tim has the practical experience and breadth to empathise with personal and collective challenges and brings a relatable edge to the design and delivery of your training.

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