Siobhan Nell HPD DipCHyp NLP Prac MNCH

Cognitive Therapist & Life Coach


I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick, and why they behave the way they do. Now with my training, and understanding of neuroplasticity, I can help them mould their responses and behaviours to suit their own best good; literally change their brains.

I’ve lived among tribes-folk in the Zambezi Valley, farming and towns-folk in Zimbabwe, expat- and island-folk in the Seychelles, city-folk in London and country-folk in England and Ireland and what I’ve learned is that all behaviour is moulded by upbringing, culture, life circumstances, people’s individuality and (most importantly) their own unique understanding of their world.

After intensive training, in February 2013 I received my Diploma from the prestigious Quest Institute in London. I immediately began my new career helping individuals remove limitations and guiding them toward their own strengths and resources to reach their full potential. My training has continued unabated since then through reading, courses, workshops and seminars, ensuring that I keep abreast of all the trends and latest techniques.

My interest in connecting people with their strengths has been a useful tool in my previous careers: as a consulting agronomist for farmers in Zimbabwe, landscaping and garden design in the Seychelles, care-work in Britain, and now – best of all – as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Life Coach in Wiltshire. Throughout these careers I have also taught yoga, so my understanding of the autonomic nervous system is very sound. This is a huge asset in my work. I do regular charity work with refugees in Swindon.

The best thing about this therapy is that it can, and does, help everyone: businessmen and women, housewives, teenagers, sportspeople, parents, soldiers, the sad, the frustrated, the angry, the hurting, leaders, followers, loners…everyone.
Over the years several distant clients have worked successfully with me online, using Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and WhatsApp. This does not suit everyone so it’s important to chat online first and assess if this can be a comfortable platform to use for your therapy.

Siobhan has been close to the Eleos team since our beginnings and we are delighted she has joined us as our first associate cognitive hypnotherapist and life coach.
Talk through your concerns in a place of absolute confidentiality, empathy and acceptance. Let me help you find your way through to your goals.

“I was desperate because no help I was getting actually worked. I finally discovered Siobhan and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. She has changed my life completely.” Phil James

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