Olly Church

Founder of the Eleos Partnership


Operations Lead, Programme Manager and Lead Instructor

Olly is driven to help individuals and organisations to achieve their potential by contributing to inspirational, purpose-driven leadership and organisational cultures rejuvenated by embracing the opportunities offered by cultivating mental fitness.

Over the last twenty years, Olly has used his experiences of leadership in challenging situations to understand and nurture resilience in himself and his colleagues. Naturally accident-prone, a career as a missionary, soldier, intelligence officer and coach have offered plenty of opportunities to test the concept to the full, resulting in a deep appreciation of the benefits of mental fitness.

Olly spent nine years as an officer in the British Army, followed by three years as an intelligence officer. After moving on from the public sector following a period of poor mental health, Olly then spent a number of years as an Operations Director and Programme Manager in the private sector before co-founding The Eleos Partnership in 2019.

His biggest challenge to date has been a self-determined recovery from physical and psychological injuries sustained whilst fighting in Afghanistan. Seeking to understand and enhance his recovery, Olly has qualified as an emotional coach, Mental Health First Aid instructor and mental resilience training instructor in a bid to share the insights learned during difficult times.

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