Merlin Hanbury-Tenison MBA

Lead Strengths Coach


As a Strengths Coach nothing excites me more than helping individuals and teams to understand and build on their natural talents to reach enduring success in all areas of their working life. Clifton Strengths empowers professionals to codify their unique strengths and areas of opportunity. This is an incredibly rewarding process as together we strive for true impact by unwaveringly pursuing clients’ objectives on their terms. By treating everyone as a singular and distinct individual, sustainable and long lasting
change becomes the end goal of every conversation.

I have over 15 years of experience leading teams and helping aspiring leaders become the best version of themselves through amplifying their strengths and harnessing their personal passion. Having cut my teeth as a reconnaissance commander and an intelligence officer over three tours in Afghanistan with the British Army, I really began learning about leadership during several years at PwC. During this time I was parachuted into ailing financial services, engineering and utilities clients with teams of consultants to change behaviours, analyse problems and create the environment for success.

Having also worked as a safari guide across East Africa, an aide to a Member of Parliament in Westminster, a security specialist across Europe and as an advisor on Academy Award winning Hollywood productions, I have a broad range of experience that touches multiple industries.

A passionate Cornishman, I am implementing several rewilding programmes on Bodmin Moor and believe that true success can be achieved by combining the restorative and motivating effects of the natural environment with the high pressure, fast paced nature of corporate life. When not helping clients create harmony and profit in their business setting I will usually be found deep in ancient oak woodland with a labrador, helping the natural ecosystem to regenerate and self-sustain.

“I came out with two clear actions that I can use immediately upon my return to work, so I will quickly be able to use them and feel more empowered from day one. This is a great feeling. Overall our session has allowed me to feel more positive about my return to work.”

Head of HR, Financial Services Company

“Merlin immediately made me feel at ease and went through the report, making sure I understood what everything meant. He created a very relaxed environment that, without knowing it, allowed me to make realisations about the future. The best part however was ensuring there was an action plan. There’s no going back now!”

Insurance Broker

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