A difficult decision to suspend all but legislative training for Police Officers was taken.

This sensible precaution balanced absence and abstractions in order to protect the front line although there was recognition that our people, many of whom were now suddenly working from home, or continuing to deliver public facing services mid-pandemic, needed mental wellbeing support so we adapted our plans accordingly to ensure vital awareness sessions on resilience were available.

Eleos were flexible throughout and worked with us to design a revised delivery method and schedule to suit.

We worked in partnership to overcome the various hurdles which are inherent with public sector engagement and they displayed nothing but professionalism. Olly and Tim’s operational background gave them a unique insight and understanding into the demands of working with first responders and nothing was too much trouble. The administrative support provided was exceptional.

Fast forward to the present day and a large portion of the organisation, particularly our leaders, have benefited from inputs with many more accessing the vast array of support materials made available online.

In summary, working with Eleos, under challenging circumstances, has been an absolute pleasure

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