Our Shared Purpose  

To inspire and develop people to live and work with less stress – building skills to create the capacity to be more effective

A shared experience

Our experience in operational military service and the lack of preventative mental wellbeing action led us to develop Genesis.

We believe that preventative mental wellbeing action is a shared responsibility between leadership, managers and individuals. This was key to us and is key to our customers teams.

Genesis was created with the support of leading mental health experts; it’s an approach that builds high-performance cultures of continued learning with the aim of permeating preventative skills from recruitment through to retirement.

Ready to talk? Ready to talk?

Meet our team

Robert Morrice
Founder and Managing Director
Tim Rushmere QGM
Organisational Health Advisor and Chartered Psychologist
Lisa Lloyd C.Psychol
Mental Health Trainer & Workplace Assessor
Ramin Salehi
Burnout Coach
Zane McCormack
Human Performance & Sleep Specialist
Dr. Martin Jones
Communications Skills Expert
Chris White
Cognitive Skills Expert and Trainer
Ian Washington-Smith
Strengths Coach
Merlin Hanbury-Tenison MBA
Therapist & Life Coach
Siobhan Nell HPD DipCHyp NLP Prac MNCH

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