“The past experiences shared by the presenters really brought a greater depth to the subject and helped people open up more during the session”

“It raised key insights into how, as leaders, our shadow can spread amongst the team and whilst it’s important to be honest with the team about our own feelings and emotions, it’s equally important not place that stress and burden back onto the team.”

What challenges were you facing prior to working with the Eleos Team?

“There wasn’t a great deal of understanding of mental health and the need was amplified by the Covid-19 lockdown and growth in interest around wellbeing.”

What was your experience of the Eleos Mental Health Training?

“I was genuinely surprised how open people were when talking about their own experiences with mental health and how it impacted them.

There were a number of people in the session who had not met before, but the environment created in the sessions allowed people to relax and talk freely.”

What have been the benefits and impacts of the Eleos Training?

“The feedback received following the awareness and line manager aware sessions has been really positive. The most common theme has been ‘more please’ and ‘how can we build on this?’

Some teams have used the stress risk assessment to at least start conversations and begin to bring them into everyday use in their team without any of the stigma that there might have previously been.

Mental health has started to get onto the agenda more and there is a growing appetite for sessions like mental health awareness and line manager training.”



What organisational benefits do you anticipate developing now?

“The sessions that we had have really created a greater appetite to learn more about mental health and for people to actively support those around them.

It has certainly started conversations! Identifying both the interplay between our ‘stress containers’ and how we use individual ‘Workplace Pressure Support Plans’ can be employed effectively.”