Moral Injury

Moral injury is defined as a state of severe emotional and psychological anguish caused by a breach of a person’s core moral ideals.

It often occurs when an individual commits, fails to prevent, witnesses or learns about activities that violate firmly held moral values. What commonly follows is a profound sense of remorse and shame about the situation at hand.

It can also be caused by “institutional betrayal,” in which an individual believes they have been let down by their organisation, especially after a traumatic event.


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Alison O’Connor Clinical Supervisor and Counsellor, Dr. Sophie Redlin G.P. and Mental Health Trainer, as well as Simon Edwards from the Moral Injury Partnership and Tim Rushmere Eleos Co-Founder, lift the lid on moral injury and its part in burnout.

Key takeaways:

Introduction to Moral Injury: Awareness and spotting the signs.

Preventative actions an individual can take to better manage the challenge.

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Moral Injury Panel

Clinical Supervisor and Counsellor
Alison O'Connor
G.P. and Mental Health Trainer
Dr. Sophie Redlin
Moral Injury Partnership
Simon Edwards
Eleos Partnership Co-Founder
Tim Rushmere

Moral Injury & Moral Burnout

Moral injury is a devastating experience that can have a lasting impact on those who experience it, with the potential to affect people across organisations, including those who witness it in others.

Although moral injury is a relatively new concept from an academic perspective, it has likely existed ever since humans have been engaged in conflict or working under stressful conditions.

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