Are some of your people vulnerable to stress and worry?
Would the rest of the team recognise the signs and know what to do?
Do your managers have the right confidence, knowledge and skills?

Every organisation has a unique culture and creating a safe environment is a complex task, requiring a multi-tiered approach to mental health training.

We work with you to deliver mental health training that complements and enhances your existing wellbeing strategy. If you don’t have one, we’ll get you started on that journey and support you along the way. With our flexible face to face, online and digital learning options, we can bring quality mental health training to your managers and employees. No matter where they are based, building connectivity and understanding throughout your culture.

We help you establish a common language around mental health and cultivate connectivity between your people to optimise wellbeing. A learning combination appropriate for your organisation will always deliver lasting impact for individual wellbeing and performance and overall organisational health.

Benefits of Eleos Mental Health training

  • Understand common mental health issues and normalise early engagement
  • Embed the basic knowledge and skills of mental health support
  • Develop awareness, insights and fresh perspectives in everyone
  • Build confidence, knowledge, awareness, influence and skills in people
  • Challenge stigma and latent negative perspectives of mental health
  • Invest in individual and organisational wellbeing 
  • Provide a framework, training and resources to support people in distress
  • Develop connected knowledge and skills across your organisation
  • Develop a common language around mental health
  • Enhance relationships through powerful shared training experiences
  • Help line managers support team members more confidently and efficiently
  • Build trust in your organisation and get the best from your people


Our Mental Health Training Courses

We are instructor members of the only licensed Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor Training Programme in England, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Online course deliveries take place through the MHFA England Online Learning Hub, over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, as a blend of live training sessions and self-learning activities.

MHFA England

Half Day Awareness

(face to face/online)

Understand common mental health issues, look after yourself, build confidence to support others

Mental Health First Aider

2 Day First Aider

(face to face/online)

Consolidate knowledge & skills to support those in immediate need

MHFA England

1 Day Champion

(face to face)

Lead with MH in mind, build managerial confidence, support people better, get the best from people

Leading with Mental Health in mind

(half day online)

Leading with Mental Health in mind
  • Build the knowledge and confidence to provide effective support to team members, with a focus on helping them address challenges ‘upstream’ and minimise the longer-term impact of poor mental health.
  • Develop understanding around building and promoting a mentally healthy workplace, challenge stigmas and support positive individual and collective wellbeing to enable sustainable performance within your teams and across the organisation. 
  • Learn the responsive and preventative approach to providing effective support. 

A manager mental health training programme could lead to an associated return on investment of £9.00 for each pound spent.

Thriving at Work - UK Government Stevenson/Farmer Review 2017.

Investing in an appropriate
combination of training will build
robust foundations:

MHFA Champion

What the results might look like in your organisation

MH Awareness Course

Developing organisational health requires more than training and that is why we work with our clients to understand their unique set up and recognise what they already have in place – structures and policies, characters and communication methods. We can then develop an appropriate MHFA framework for your organisation.

In order to embed knowledge and a common language around mental health, we recommend training everybody in Mental Health Awareness, and then training 1 in 10 in every department, locations or business units to be a MHFA. Critically, line managers must receive training to understand how they can support team members and MHFAs in the work they do.


Send us a message to explore options
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During an initial discussion we will seek to understand your
challenges, generate options with you and identify a clear
recommended start point for you.

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