Watch Laura Jackson, Strategic Advisor and former Global Head of Wellbeing explores actionable insights into “How to get Senior Management to drive Wellbeing Culture.“

Starting in Mental Health Awareness Week, this is the first in our three-part “Shifting the Dial” mental health and wellbeing leadership training series for managers and leaders who are responsible for, influence, or are involved in workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

The session explores:
1. The fork in the road; the opportunity brought by the pandemic to normalise mental health.
2. The paradox; MH is slipping down the agenda at a time when it should be a priority.
3. The Great Resignation; people want more than money and traditional benefits.
4. The way forward; Wellbeing skills need to be seen as a key function of leadership.

You will develop insight into how to:
1.Generate genuine long-term commitment from Senior Management.
2.Move beyond a tick-box culture.
3.Build employee wellbeing into a core management competency.
4.Move towards parity with physical wellbeing.

You can watch the session recording below and read the accompanying blog here.

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