Organisational resilience can be an output of overall organisational health, which we seek to develop with our clients in our Quick Start Package (QSP) and over the longer-term within a customised programme for sustainable individual and organisational evolution.

Every organisation has a unique culture and creating a safe environment is a complex task, requiring a multi-tiered approach.

We work with you to deliver training that compliments and enhances your existing wellbeing strategy. If you don’t have one, we’ll get you started on that journey and support you along the way. With our flexible face to face, online and digital learning options, we can bring quality mental health training to your managers and employees, no matter where they are based, building connectivity and understanding throughout your culture.

Mental Fitness is the embodiment of a resilient mindset, enabled by regular positive habits and mental resilience is the ability to cope with the adversity, stress and challenges that arise in our personal and professional lives.
Managing stress and anxiety is an everyday challenge for most and our Mental Fitness and Resilience (MFR) Training is designed to generate insight and equip people with the tools and techniques to master self-regulation.

Rather than just bouncing back, we believe true resilience is based on the reality that we can grow through challenges, becoming stronger and more adaptable than before.

Everyone possesses a degree of resilience, but we can build additional layers by employing certain perspectives, using mental fitness and psychological skills to assist in dealing with challenging scenarios as well as better prepare for them.

The ability to build resilience is particularly important to those who continually operate in highly-pressured occupations, where the effects of numerous events can accumulate and impact adversely on individual mental health and overall organisational health. Building a common language around mental health and wellbeing will remove unseen hindrance stressors and barriers to genuine engagement and performance of everyone in your organisation. Contact us to help your team with Mental Health & Resilience (MFR) Training

A manager mental health training programme could lead to an associated return on investment of £9.00 for each pound spent.

Thriving at Work - UK Government Stevenson/
Farmer Review 2017.

Our Mental Fitness and
Resilience Courses

Our virtual training sessions and workshops are typically 2-4 hours, and learning is supported by printed or
digital resources and our digital platform.

MFR for Individuals

Focuses on developing individual awareness and skills

Benefits for Individuals

  • Build awareness of limiting thoughts
  • Learn how to self-regulate
  • Get clarity
  • Adopt a resilient mindset
  • Start limiting stress and anxiety and take action
  • Build influence and generate control
  • Optimise wellbeing
  • Build individual resilience year on year
MFR for Individuals

Optimising Teams MFR

This course helps leverage individual mental fitness and strengths to enhance team dynamics and communication for improved synergy and performance.

Benefits for Teams

  • Understand how to reduce emotional interference
  • Build and leverage better team relationships
  • Enable team members to optimise individual wellbeing
  • Explore how to ask for more support from your leaders
Optimising Teams MFR

MFR for Leaders

Provides guidance and mentoring for leaders to help lead by example, reduce pressure and improve leadership with mental health in mind.

Benefits for Leaders

  • Understand how to reduce emotional interference for themselves and for their teams
  • Enable people to achieve their potential as individuals and teams within an effective and supportive leadership approach
  • Explore approaches, resources and tools to lead with mental health in mind
MFR for Leaders

Resilient Leadership

As leaders, looking after the people we work with and serve is our human, ethical and moral responsibility. Within that is the need to look after ourselves. At The Eleos Partnership we recognise the importance of leading with mental health in mind.


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    Mental Fitness & Resilience (MFR) Training