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Measuring Wellbeing for Organisational Health is key to any organisation interested in their people. Otherwise how do you know how you are doing? We combine leadership consultation with psychologist-led organisational health checks and technology to build a complete picture.

Our customised programmes include regular organisational health checks with our psychologists and organisational health advisors, which will initiate and maintain momentum on your organisational health development journey.

Measure and monitor your organisational health with the powerful digital mental fitness platform from 87%.

Just get started. We can implement the 87% platform and app within your organisation quickly as part of our Quick Start Package, but we include full access with our customised programme. This means you can start measuring wellbeing for organisational health and be able to embed wellbeing as a Key Performance Indicator in your organisation. You can look at establishing wellbeing as a Key Performance Indicator as part of a customised programme with us and use the full benefits of a complete integration. Further to the organisational health checks, data insight into mental wellbeing initiatives is the foundation for further, intelligently targeted investment, and investment is the basis for corporate productivity gains.

We include full access to the powerful 87% platform with both our quick start and customised programmes. Focused on improving employee mental wellbeing in the workforce, the platform provides the employer with an insight dashboard and can be integrated with existing products and initiatives. Ensuring your organisation is measuring wellbeing for organisational health.

Benefits of Measuring Wellbeing

  • Work with your real-time data - facts not assumptions
  • Balance professional external input with your own internal intuition
  • Identify the priorities for training without delay
  • Leverage data to inform and enhance a mental wellbeing strategy in real time
  • Correlate wellbeing data with performance data
  • Provide a secure and private space for people
  • Increase employee empowerment and engagement
  • Destigmatise mental health with a mindset shift to adopt mental fitness

What is the 87% Digital Platform?

A single destination for employees and employers, to build and maintain positive mental wellbeing.

Focused on improving employee mental wellbeing in the workforce, the platform provides the employer with an insight dashboard and can be integrated with existing products and initiatives.

Together with our psychologist-led organisational health checks, the 87% platform helps us build a complete picture of where your organisation is. And because we’re working with your real-time data rather than assumptions, we can quickly decide on training priorities.

Only through measuring a company’s overall mental wellbeing can organisations support the mental wellbeing of their key resource, their people. Employees’ mental and physical wellness needs to be top of the agenda.Richard Glynn, Chairman, 87 Percent
Key Features of the 87% Digital Platform

Key Features of the 87% Digital Platform

  • Customisable for your organisation
  • Private, confidential and trusted environment
  • Clinically validated
  • Integrate with existing mental wellbeing products and initiatives, such as EAP, MHFA and current Healthcare providers to create a one-stop-shop for employees
  • Signposts employees to the right resource at the right time, providing support at the point of need
  • Data and research capability to monitor and measure impact of investments


What the Organisational Leadership sees

The dashboard gives employers the insight and tools to help their people live resilient and productive lives. The mobile app gives employees a way to measure, understand and improve their mental wellbeing.

What the Organisational Leadership sees

The Mobile App for Employees

Key Features of the Digital Platform

  • A safe and completely private environment, where you can measure, understand and improve your mental wellbeing.
  • 87 Percent have built a number of features to help manage those ups and downs in life. 
  • See your strengths and weaknesses along with valuable content and helpful solutions.
Digital mental fitness platform


Will this work for my organisation?


If you are a smaller company you may not have the resources to dedicate to a specific mental wellbeing programme, but 87 Percent works very well as a catalyst within our Quick-Start Package (QSP), turbo-charging the impact of just a small initial investment. You will have everything you need to start on this important journey and support your employees without delay.


If you are larger you most likely have a wellbeing strategy in place. Our comprehensive offering is designed to be customised to compliment the most comprehensive strategy giving you unique data and insight that will inform and guide you as your organisation evolves.


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