Laura Jackson Joins Eleos

Former Credit Suisse Global Head of Wellbeing and Benefit Strategy joins The Eleos Partnership

The Eleos Partnership, specialists in wellbeing and mental health training, today announces the appointment of Laura Jackson as Strategic Wellbeing and Benefits Advisor.

Jackson brings over 25 years’ experience in the sector to the role and in her former career she was the Global Head of Wellbeing and Benefit Strategy at leading global financial services company, Credit Suisse where she was responsible for developing a global strategy to ensure a consistent approach and messaging around wellbeing and benefits.

Jackson will be working with the senior leadership team at The Eleos Partnership supporting strategy across product development and marketing to enhance the organisation’s impact and engagement, as well as developing long-term strategic direction to meet future market needs.

The Eleos Partnership is a mental health and wellbeing training provider cultivating mental fitness and resilience in leadership, teams and individuals for holistic and better-connected organisational health. Co-founded in 2019 by former army officers Olly Church and Tim Rushmere, both of whom experienced psychological injuries as a result of military deployments, the Eleos mission is to create healthier workplace cultures through team-led wellbeing. 

With the belief that employee wellbeing is the core business of everyone, a shared responsibility at every level, they developed the industry’s first team-led wellbeing solution, Genesis, led and delivered by managers and wellbeing champions through their teams in as little as 15 minutes per week. This collaborative approach engages everyone in the organisation, removes the onus on the individual that comes with app-based solutions, protects employee mental health and wellbeing and embeds it into workplace culture.

Jackson’s appointment was made by The Eleos Partnerships Marketing Director,Paul Sykes on behalf of the board of directors.

He said: “We’re thrilled Laura’s coming on board as Strategic Advisor and welcome her vast experience as we continue to deliver our mission to create healthier workplace cultures. Her experience and knowledge leading global wellbeing and benefits strategy will ensure we continue to deliver solutions that meet and exceed the needs of organisations and their employees. Laura’s appointment marks the start of an exciting new chapter for The Eleos Partnership.”

Laura commented: “Mental Health was paramount in employer’s minds during the pandemic, however it’s still vitally important that companies don’t lose sight of the ongoing human risk of not looking after the mental wellbeing of their employees. Many ongoing macro socio-economic factors are still having a very destabilising effect on how people feel.”

She continued: “I’m really excited to be working as Strategic Advisor to The Eleos Partnership to support their mission to improve mental health within the workplace. Their desire to normalise the conversation around mental health through a concerted team effort is a great ethos and absolutely what the market needs right now.”

To speak with Laura please get in touch.

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