You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Touch Hearts and Change Lives

Team member, team leader, HR Guru or CEO: Wherever we are in the organisation, we impact many people every day. Doing so intentionally and becoming aware of the common humanity we all share just beneath the surface, enables us all to touch hearts and positively change lives.

But what prevents us from stepping outside of our comfort zone, learning new skills, and changing working cultures and lives at work?

Often, it’s a lack of knowledge, feeling like you need to be an expert and the fear of getting things wrong that leads to inaction.

Two decades ago, that simple idea gave International Motivational Speaker, Jim Lawless, the confidence to begin talking about the internal challenges he faced in leaving his comfort zone to live a full life. Two decades on, his Ten Rules for Taming Tigers have been used in organisations from Apple to the NHS and his ideas are published globally by Random House.

Watch this session where we’ll be:

  • Exploring the impact we can each make on mental health and wellbeing at work.
  • Offering a new perspective on the positive difference every person can make to others – and how to do it.
  • Talking about the concerns that all humans share and that drive anxiety and stress and hold us back from delivering on our ambitions.

Watch the session below




Guest Speaker

International Motivational Speaker, Record Breaking Freediver and Random House Author
Jim Lawless