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Barely Surviving to Positively Thriving

Zane McCormack spent 16yrs as a police officer dealing with the fallout of poorly managed stress before burning out.

His deep understanding that burnout isn’t ceasing to function, it’s your body slowly winding down in response to poorly managed stress saw him once again start to thrive.

In this session we explore how you can shift from Barely Surviving to Positively Thriving.

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Decision Making Under Pressure

Former police officer and expert leadership thinking coach Ian Washington-Smith explores how individuals in the emergency services and high-pressure roles can develop mental agility, thinking and behavioural alternatives in order to thrive.

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Moral Injury Workshop

Alison O’Connor Clinical Supervisor and Counsellor, Dr. Sophie Redlin G.P. and Mental Health Trainer, as well as Simon Edwards from the Moral Injury Partnership and Tim Rushmere Eleos Co-Founder, lift the lid on moral injury and its part in burnout.

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Workshop: Sleep and Performance

Sleep underpins health and performance and without the knowledge and tools to better manage sleep, an individual’s performance, health and mental health can be placed under extreme pressure.

Dr Martin Jones, Human Performance and Sleep Specialist, and Tim Rushmere Eleos Co-Founder, explore how YOU can begin optimising yours.

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Workshop: When is mental illness a disability?

In this session, Ramin Salehi and Tim Rushmere examine the relationship between physical and mental illness and disability and the hidden costs of absenteeism and work-related health issues.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how you can avoid the hidden costs of absenteeism and work-related health problems.
  • Learn how you can better support employees with long-term mental illness and create a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.

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Inclusive Wellbeing Cultures

Mental wellbeing and inclusivity are intrinsically linked, yet in many organisations, they serve as separate functions.

Join Wellbeing Advisor, Tara Chambers, and Diversity & Wellbeing Manager Wali Rahman to learn how The Forestry Commission’s approach to wellbeing and inclusivity has produced an organisation where: –

  • Lived experiences are shared and celebrated, at all levels
  • Over 70% of the executive leadership are actively involved
  • The approach has engaged employees’ and ensures they are supported to meet their needs
  • Innovative inclusivity initiatives are widely adopted

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The Menopause Demystified

According to My Menopause Centre, it is estimated that 15.5 million UK women are currently at some stage of the menopause, 80% of whom will experience symptoms – on average seven – which can last for anything from four to 12 years.

Yet, despite the fact 50% of the population will experience the menopause in their lifetime, 43% of the 2,087 adults they surveyed, admitted to not knowing much about it, or feeling it too taboo to discuss.

Join Sarah Howell, Nationwide’s Head of Member Communications and former Gender Network Chair, for this informative webinar where you will: –

  • Increase your understanding of the menopause and its impact
  • Learn how you as a leader and manager can create a support network in your organisation
  • Get answers to your questions: No question is taboo

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Connecting & Engaging Teams

We all have tools at our fingertips that enable us to connect and engage.

Yet with hybrid and remote working now the norm, creating engaging and connected team and company cultures has become an even greater challenge.

Our ability to avoid using the company intranet, the practise of turning off cameras during team meetings, the emergence of new terminologies like “Zoom Fatigue,” and the underutilisation of wellness apps are just a few examples.

What stops us from using these tools to engage and connect with our colleagues in a meaningful way?

Join Gillian French, Expert in Residence – Employee Experience at Workvivo to learn what we can ALL do to improve engagement and connection in your teams.

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You don’t have to be an Expert to Touch Hearts and Change Lives

Every day, we all have an impact on many people, whether we are team members, team leaders, HR Gurus, or CEOs.

But what prevents us from stepping outside of our comfort zones, learning new skills, and changing working cultures and lives at work?

Join International Motivational Speaker, Record Breaking Freediver and Random House Author, for this FREE Webinar to learn how YOU, wherever you sit in your organisation, can touch hearts and positively change lives every day. 


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Loneliness of Leadership in HR

Gail Sampson, HR Director, SOVOS and Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, The Granite Group, focuss on how as an HR Leader, you can generate the time, space, and permission to become empowered in your role and lose the loneliness.


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How to get Senior Management to Drive Wellbeing Culture

Starting in Mental Health Awareness Week, this is the first in our three-part “Shifting the Dial” mental health and wellbeing leadership training series for managers and leaders who are responsible for, influence, or are involved in workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

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