Mental wellbeing and inclusivity are intrinsically linked, yet in many organisations they act as separate functions.

In this 30-minute workshop, you’ll discover how The Forestry Commission’s all-encompassing commitment to mental wellbeing and inclusivity has produced an organisation where: –

  • Lived experiences are shared and celebrated, at all levels
  • Over 70% of the executive leadership are actively involved
  • The approach has engaged employees’ and ensures they are supported to meet their needs
  • Innovative inclusivity initiatives are widely adopted

Hear The Forestry Commission’s Wellbeing Advisor, Tara Chambers, and Diversity and Wellbeing Manager Wali Rahman, to learn how YOU can foster an inclusive wellbeing culture.

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Guest Speakers

Tara Chambers
Wellbeing Advisor, Forestry Commission
Wali Rahman
Diversity and Wellbeing Manager, Forestry Commission