General Questions

Will this work for my Organisation?

Larger Organisations

If you are from a large organisation you most likely have a wellbeing strategy of some sort in place. Our Genesis system will be the perfect solution to get you started and scale your programme quickly. It is designed to be customisable giving you the option to co-create additional programme content with us or incorporate your existing wellbeing content, and you will benefit from unique organisational data and insights that will inform and guide you as your strategy and organisation evolves.

For Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

If you are an SME, with or without wellbeing programme experience you may not have the time or resources to dedicate to a specific wellbeing programme, but Genesis will work equally well for you. Genesis and the Eleos Team will provide everything you need to start on this important journey and comprehensively support your employees and colleagues without delay.

Genesis Learning Management System

Am I able to test Genesis before signing up?

Yes, we can provide a pilot period that allows you to explore the system, or you can test it with a limited number of employees over 30 days. For a small fee you can test it for 3 months with several teams.

We are only a small organisation, will this still work for us?

Yes, the sessions are designed to be run in small or large teams.

Will our users obtain a qualification for completing this course?

There is no official qualification for completing the Genesis pathways but all our content is clinically validated and we can configure CPD compliance in Genesis.

How long will it take to learn this content so we can deliver it internally?

The system is designed to be plug and play – we only advise that the facilitator watches the facilitation guidance video before using Genesis with their team.

I am concerned it will be labour intensive to collect the analytics on the system.

We can set up the analytics to suit you so you only see what you want to see. We can adjust this at our end if you chose to hide/add extra features so you are in control of what you see.

Can I add my own content into Genesis?

Yes! You will have a folder where you can upload any media, PDFs or slides or existing resources.

My organisation does all its virtual training face to face - is there an option to do this?

We can offer periodical targeted live training sessions with the Eleos team, the content of which can be tailored to your needs with your input and using your organisation’s analytics.

We already have our own LMS so is this not a good fit for us?

Our content can be imported into your existing LMS, but we advise you to use ours so you have access to the full functionality.

I’ve never rolled anything out like this before - what support is available?

The Eleos team will work with you to plan a launch strategy tailored for your organisation. We also provide you with guides to get started and support you along the way.

How much central administration is required?

The Eleos team update the system for you as well as run the live sessions. The only administration at your end will be adding your own resources to your workspace which is not compulsory.


What support is available?

We have direct lines of support available and will respond within 48 hours. You will also have a dedicated Eleos account manager on hand to assist you through the launch process and beyond.

Our organisation has cyber security policies, will we have problems setting this up?

The Genesis platform and Eleos are both cyber essentials plus accredited and all data is stored in U.K. based servers. Our analytic function is designed for you and we only draw insights to make the user experience better.

Our browser is quite old, will Genesis still work?

Genesis will work on most browsers, but as to be expected the experience will be faster on more updated browsers/operating systems. Genesis system compliance will always stay in line with Microsoft browser products.

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