General Questions

Is Genesis an app?

Most definitely not; in fact, we’ve been told it’s the antidote to apps.

Genesis is about human-led social connection that empowers and connects teams through an easy-to-use structured learning programme.

Weekly bite-sized learning is delivered in teams by your Genesis Leads, underpinned by a world-class LMS.

What's the minimum company size?

Large Enterprise

Large organisations will typically have several mental wellbeing initiatives in place. Genesis is designed to augment and complement existing solutions and will support and encourage engagement with them. Unlike other solutions where you have to buy a licence for every employee, with Genesis, you only need to licence the team leads and not the entire workforce.

Mid-sized enterprise

If you are a small to mid-sized enterprise, with or without experience with wellbeing programmes, Genesis will work equally well for you with a low minimum entry point of 80 users.

What engagement can I expect?

Our customers experience average engagement rates above 75%.

Unlike workplace mental wellbeing app providers, where engagement is only measured across employees that have downloaded the app, our engagement rates are for the WHOLE organisation.

Can we trial Genesis?

For larger organisations that wish to roll out Genesis in a single region, function by function, or through existing internal mental health networks, we can provide a phased approach to launch. Pilot  periods that allow you to explore the system for up to three months with several teams are also available; please speak to one of the team about pricing.

How is engagement measured?

Measuring the impacts of mental wellbeing initiatives is very difficult, requires a long-term commitment, and covers several key areas that sit outside of the solution itself: for example, reduced absence due to mental ill health.

We also understand that you will need to measure and report on engagement, trends, impacts, and areas that are specific to your organisation.

We will work to understand what it is you need to measure and will set up Genesis analytics to suit you so you only see what you want and need to see.

Does Genesis replace existing solutions?

While Genesis works and has the desired impact as a stand-alone solution, it also complements and augments any existing initiatives and solutions such as EAPs, clinical services, apps and live training.

It will seamlessly fit in with your existing initiatives and support their use.

What topics are covered?

There are five core pathways in Genesis, each of which contains all of the topics and resources your teams need to succeed.

  1. Baselining: Building Mental Health Awareness
  2. Self-Care: Mental Fitness & Resilience
  3. Connection: Communications and Support
  4. Collaboration: Team Dynamics and Environment
  5. Individual: Line Manager and Genesis Leader Training

Will our users obtain a qualification?

Our core pathways are CPD accredited.

Leading Genesis sessions counts towards an employee’s professional development.

Can we add our own learning material?

Yes! You will have a space where you can upload any media, PDFs, slides or existing resources.

What does Genesis cost?

Unlike other solutions where you have to buy a licence for every employee, with Genesis, you only need to licence the team leads and not the entire workforce.

In a typical organisation this means you only need to licence 1:5 employees, yet everyone benefits. Speak to the team to find out more.

Do you offer MHFA or Live Training?

We offer both as an additional service to complement your Genesis subscription. Check out our courses here.

Data & IT Security

What do you do with personal data?

We will never sell or share your information with any third party or associate!

For more information please speak to one of the team or check out our Privacy Policy.

Where is data stored and what IT and data governance assurance do you hold?

All data is stored in U.K. data centres and is not transferred outside of the E.U.

We only use ISO:27001 certified data centres and we are Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Implementation & Support

How long does it take to implement Genesis?

We can get your teams started with Genesis in as little as four weeks!

What’s involved from us?

All we need from you is the names of your Genesis leads, Genesis added to your URL whitelist and initial collaboration to ensure the launch messaging is aligned to your company values, tone of voice and objectives; we’ll pick up the rest.


Are users onboarded?

Genesis leads are fully onboarded with live training and upskilling prior to leading the first session in their team. This can be done in person, hybrid or remotely to suit your working environment.

What ongoing support is available?

Full email and telephone support is available to Genesis leads five days a week and we endeavour to resolve any questions or challenges within 48hrs.

User guide and instructional “how to” resources can also be found in Genesis.

We also provide support through email campaigns which are full of useful resources and optional live webinars and workshops.

We can also provide bespoke live training at an additional cost.

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