Workvivo recently reported that 98% Of HR Professionals in the U.S. and U.K. are burned out.

Key findings of the Workvivo report include that 94% said they felt overwhelmed in the past six months, and 97% of respondents said they felt emotionally fatigued from work over the past year.

Gail Sampson, HR Director, SOVOS, and Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, Granite group explore how as an HR Leader, you can generate the time, space, and permission to become empowered in your role and lose the loneliness. More detail and watch the session below.

Key Points:

– The overwhelm and burnout faced by many HR professionals attempting to support wider wellbeing.

– The paradox; HR are supporting others whilst struggling themselves.

– The organisational bottleneck that HR-led wellbeing initiatives can create.

– Options for shifting the perspective.

​Key Takeaways:

– Mental health and wellbeing can be addressed differently within large organisations.

– We can deal with and ultimately remove the bottleneck.

– Managers can develop the skills and confidence to play their part in the solution.

– HR can fulfil second line support functions. 

Webinar Panel

HR Director, Sovos
Gail Sampson
Chief People Officer, Granite Group
Tracie Sponenberg