Customised Programme Outline

The customised approach to our Mental Health & Corporate Wellbeing Programme and methodology is fully flexible and will be unique to your organisation. We’ll work with you to agree on suitable delivery mechanisms and you’ll retain full ownership of all materials and outcomes. Our executive mentors are on hand and alongside our psychologists they will explore your organisational health challenges.

Benefits of a customised Mental Health Programme

Benefits of a customised Mental Health and Corporate Wellbeing programme:

  • Plan a longer-term strategy with our support
  • Get it right first time with our executive mentoring
  • Leverage access to data with a customised digital platform
  • Benefit from a psychologist and organisational health advisor
  • Deliver against your own specific objectives
  • Measure and monitor your organisational health
  • Build wellbeing in as a key performance indicator (KPI)
  • Unlimited Wellbeing Lead access to our core team
  • Unite Line Managers with our group leadership coaching
  • Use focus groups and survey intelligently
  • Generate clarity with our strengths coaching
  • Put mental fitness in the palm of people’s hands with our mobile app
  • Provide your people with 24/7 access to supporting resources

These services are available with our
customised programmes:

Organisational Wellbeing Health Checks

Organisational Wellbeing Health Checks

Led by our psychologist, Lisa Lloyd

Conducted at the outset and throughout a customised programme, these are run in conjunction with our executive mentors and your Wellbeing Team by our clinical psychologists and Organisational Health Advisors.

They will explore, interpret and make recommendations from your surveys and data and help you make the most appropriate investment and training decisions for your programme as it evolves.

Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring

Led by former British Army Generals, Nick Pope and Paul Nanson

Our executive mentors are on hand, each with 30+ years experience leading from the front. They will help you explore personal and organisational challenges and guide you as you plan and execute your organisational health strategy. Mentoring can take place individually or in a group context with your senior leadership team.

Until recently, Lt Gen Sir Nick Pope, was Chief Executive of the British Army, and Maj Gen Paul Nanson was the Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Director of Leadership for the British Army. Nick and Paul are the Eleos executive mentors and can help guide your leadership and organisation as required. You’ll benefit from their ability to work strategically at CEO level, while still being inherently involved within the rest of the team. And collectively we will support you to maximise the outputs of your programme. Nick has a passion for inclusive leadership that focuses on attracting and developing individual talent. A healthy workforce is central to this philosophy.

Paul’s extensive expertise is based on operations, leadership development, recruiting, training and personnel. He is also a best-selling author on leadership and life skills, and a consultant, coach, mentor and speaker.

Group Line Manager Coaching

Group Line Manager Coaching

Led by our founders, Olly Church and Tim Rushmere

Our Leading with Mental Health in Mind Course and alternatives are designed to align with the outputs of executive mentoring and work done at the senior leader and manager level, developing a connected organisational culture around positive mental wellbeing.

We also routinely run Group ‘Action Learning Set’ sessions for Line Managers and focus groups to identify and help resolve challenges Line Managers face.

Strengths Coaching
Strengths Coaching Merlin-Hanbury Tenison

Strengths Coaching

Led by our Lead Strengths Coach, Merlin-Hanbury Tenison

A transformative and empowering identification methodology for personal and professional development that focuses on inspiring individuals to harness their natural talents rather than being externally and negatively driven by the traditional, stagnant culture of where weaknesses and failings in performance are highlighted.

Individual and team coaching

You can start with an electronic report and then move on to individual and team coaching.

This methodology aligns perfectly with the personal investment in individual mental fitness. Embedding a positive, intrinsically motivated mindset, empowering people to manage their mental fitness proactively and putting them in control. Our digital platform from 87% also provides the daily foundations to explore your strengths and blind spots, providing intelligently targeted options and solutions alongside your strengths profile. This is available for Line Managers and at the executive level. Offering common benefits to all individuals, regardless of position and further compounding benefits when used throughout an organisation.

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