We all have tools at our fingertips that enable us to connect and engage.

Yet with hybrid and remote working now the norm, creating engaging and connected team and company cultures has become an even greater challenge.

Our ability to avoid using the company intranet, the practise of turning off cameras during team meetings, the emergence of new terminologies like “Zoom Fatigue,” and the underutilisation of wellness apps are just a few examples.

What stops us from using these tools to engage and connect with our colleagues in a meaningful way?

Join Gillian French, Expert in Residence – Employee Experience at Workvivo tells us what we can ALL do to improve engagement and connection in your teams.

In this session we’ll be:

  • Exploring the challenges faced with employee’ engagement in today’s hybrid and remote workplace
  • Offering a new perspective on how organisations like yours have connected their teams in a meaningful way
  • Sharing how you can start your journey towards a truly engaged and connected team culture


Expert in Residence - Employee Experience at Workvivo
Gillian French
Co-Founder & Operations Director, Eleos Genesis
Olly Church