South Yorkshire Police - Customised MFR Programme for Front Line Supervisors

South Yorkshire Police recognised the pressure that their front line supervisors in particular were under in the Force and engaged the Eleos Team to design and deliver a customised eight-module mental fitness and resilience programme to further resource them at the individual and team level with appropriate knowledge and tools to reduce the impacts of stress and pressure.

Planning and delivery of the customised programme was a combination of consultation, working groups, virtual and face to face training over 8 weeks and was designed to accommodate for all shift patterns 24/7. All eighty sessions were delivered live, on time and without issue. The programme was backed up by a sizeable individual workbook, designed specifically for the Force’s unique requirements.

“I have spent the last four months working with The Eleos Partnership to create and deliver a bespoke mental fitness resilience programme for our front line supervisors. Their product was unique to us and has received excellent feedback.

Throughout the programme design and delivery I have found Eleos to be very creative and responsive to the requirements. Eleos were adept at problem solving, something that was key in delivering such an innovative programme and had a tangible passion to make a difference through the programme.”

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