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Empower and connect teams in 15 minutes per week.

Genesis is a workplace mental health and wellbeing solution that’s designed to empower and connect teams in an easy to find 15 minutes per week.

Anyone can lead: Facilitated by an empowered manager or wellbeing champion, teams learn together as a part of the weekly routine whether working in the office, hybrid, or remotely.

Structured approach: Learning pathways contain engaging bite size sessions that inform and encourage teams to discuss and apply the learning in the context of their role in an open, honest and meaningful way.

A sustainable approach to evolving your culture.

Adaptable: Regardless of the organisation’s mental health & wellbeing maturity level which determines where you start, rolling out Genesis couldn’t be simpler.

Supported: Your Genesis facilitators will have access to full onboarding, upskilling, and focused learning pathways prior to running their first session. This will ensure they can approach team sessions with confidence and maximise impact.

Engages everyone, at every level.

A solution that’s focused on human connection, creating cultures of social wellbeing and that’s enabled by technology, not defined by it.

A truly collaborative team-led approach that removes the isolation linked with individual and tech-based solutions.

A solution that can be used together in-person, or on any device and through video conferencing applications such as Teams and Zoom.

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