Apps don’t normalise wellbeing conversations on their own

Our experience delivering large-scale mental health training in the private and public sector, combined with customer feedback and market research, has taught us that that App-based solutions suffer with low adoption, poor long-term engagement and don’t create the psychological safety needed to normalise wellbeing conversations in the workplace.

This is why we developed Genesis, a solution that’s facilitated by managers in their teams, and that fosters open, honest, and meaningful wellbeing conversation and turns everyone into a wellbeing champion.

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How it Works

Genesis is packed full of relevant and engaging wellbeing and mental health content in bitesize sessions for consistent and collective learning.

The collective learning approach empowers leaders and team members to confidently lead a relatable and authentic narrative within their teams.

Our team of wellbeing and mental health experts has done the hard work for you, providing the core content, structure and resources to support you and your teams on your journey.

All your teams have to do is commit to creating time in and amongst their existing team communications, for a brief 15–20-minute guided conversation each week without fear or reservation.

Engaging, Relevant & Supported

Each learning pathway contains expert-led bite size video modules with discussion questions, informative guides and infographics to support collaborative learning.

And to support your leaders and managers, onboarding training and optional regular live drop-in sessions are included to develop knowledge, skills and confidence.

We also provide you with the ability to add in any existing mental health and wellbeing pathways and content.

Fits into the flow of work

Whether your teams are together in an office, working a hybrid model or working remotely, Genesis can be used in all scenarios and on any device.

Designed for today’s hybrid and time-scarce workplace, Genesis seamlessly fits into the flow of work through existing team communications such as weekly meetings.

Learning together, your teams focus on what’s relevant to their roles, department, and your business, and it gets everyone in your organisation using a common language around mental wellbeing.

Before long, you will see the cultural impact of normalising the conversation together.

Shifting perspectives and evolving attitudes

The Genesis approach will eliminate the resistance and fear around mental health and wellbeing conversations, and develop psychological safety for all. There need be no more excuses, rather shifting perspectives and evolving attitudes that lead to embedding new skills and practices. Genesis presents an opportunity for organic, authentic development of the mental wellbeing narrative in your organisation.

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Genesis Delivers These Primary Benefits

Implementing Genesis in your Organisation

Launch Genesis quickly whilst we support you with your wider strategy. We can help you automate the menial tasks as you launch, freeing you up to target your efforts where they matter.

  • Plug and play – Genesis is easy to set up
  • Mobile app enables individual learning, anytime
  • The creators of Genesis have lived experience of mental health issues, distilling this into the content
  • A unique model that empowers leaders and teams
  • Easy for wellbeing teams to implement quickly
  • Holistic learning approach with collective and individual learning opportunities
  • Targeted live sessions based on analytics and feedback

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