What Lies Beneath

With rates of mental health problems having increased significantly since the arrival of the coronavirus, have you considered the number of people in your organisation right now who need more from you? It’s no longer good enough to approach relationships in a traditional or transactional way.


Imposter Syndrome Podcast

I was asked to talk, on Philip Rose‘ brilliant Sparks Podcast, about Imposter Syndrome and how business leaders, managers, and employees can support themselves and their teams to better grow the value of their business through working with people.


Managing your Boss; Turning the Tables

When we think about relationships at work and people being their best, it’s easy to put the onus on managers. But if we care about our work being an engaging activity, our outcomes and being able to accelerate our career, we ALL need to take responsibility. Either that or we accept the fact that half of us in the UK will quit our job because of a poor relationship with our boss (Totaljobs, 2019).


Are Your Employees Ready To Go?

The shift is finally happening but after the success of the stay-at-home message, how will people feel returning to work? The Ipsos MORI poll published in April 2020 found that only half of employed feel comfortable going back to work and a third would be nervous to do so.


Have you Put Down your Baton?

How do you motivate people to do what you want? Do you stand in their shoes and take time to understand their perspective, just as Sheriff Christopher Swanson did in Michigan on the weekend? Putting down his protective gear and walking with the crowd outraged by the death of George Floyd last week, he clearly demonstrated empathy and a great understanding of communication. Despite his powerful language,


Recruiting for the future of work

ONLY A FEW WEEKS AGO people were struggling to see the role of recruiters, with so many of the workforce being furloughed, limited work during lock-down and squeezed budgets. But now their value is evident more than ever as we recognise the shift in working patterns and begin to better understand what companies and employees want.

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