We can empathise because we’ve
been through it.

Significant struggles with poor mental health within high pressure environments led to breakdowns. Determined to grow from these challenges, we discovered adaptable mechanisms to start growing again. We experimented, developed and ultimately transformed, harnessing mental fitness and the resilient mindset throughout recovery and into sustainable growth.

Empowered, we reignited a 15 year friendship to form The Eleos Partnership, and built an agile new approach for cultivating mental fitness and improving resilience in individuals and organisations. Our mission is supporting you as leaders to not only evolve your organisational health, but sustain it. We have learned to prioritise our wellbeing to achieve genuine life-work integration, which enables consistent fulfilment and performance. We can help you do the same with your individual and organisational health.

Acknowledgment: The Eleos Partnership have supported the Samaritans ‘Out to You App’ which has been developed to support veterans of the UK Armed Forces and is evaluated by the King’s Centre for Military Health Research, King’s College London. The App launches in August 2021.


What is the
Eleos Partnership?

The Eleos Partnership describes the relationship that we have
with our clients, based on trust, empathy and a commitment to
work together to benefit your people.

We specialise in resilient leadership and mental fitness, but
provide a broad portfolio of services. And we’re not salespeople.
Our mission is to help organisations improve and sustain
individual and organisational health.

Olly Church - Founder & Operations Lead

Founder & Operations Lead

Tim Rushmere - Founder & Design Lead

Founder & Design Lead

The Eleos Partnership Approach

The Eleos Partnership Approach

We help our clients develop organisational health strategies to enhance the engagement and ownership of the leadership, and the mental fitness and resilience of their employees. We‘re very passionate about our ‘do with, not to’ client approach.

Preconceptions and historical stigma around mental health can encourage and embed a sense of judgement and threat in an organisation. Combining evidence-based factors, we help you develop a deeper understanding as to how likely employees are to thrive and perform in your workplace environment. We guide your leadership, wellbeing leads, HR personnel, line managers and employees to cultivate a culture where everyone in the organisation sees the opportunities and benefits of adopting a proactive mental fitness perspective.

Beginning with the end in mind is key to appropriate organic and sustainable evolution that is suitable for your organisation. We don’t just deliver quality training but constantly strive to improve our capabilities and refine our approach to maximise the collective impact of each of the elements of your organisational health strategy. The methodology is flexible and will be tailored to your business, compounding the benefits and fully embedding agreed practices.


What clients say
about us

Our clients say that they really appreciate how we always endeavour to work with them to generate options and solutions as they emerge during the evolution of their wellbeing strategies and their implementation.


Meet the Team

We’re a cohesive team. Each of us are specialists, but we consider ourselves trainers and mentors first. We collaborate with many other specialists in the field, so one of us will be able to access anyone you need from within our network of high quality, trusted associates.

Linda Torbet

Senior Facilitator – Mental Fitness and Resilience

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