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Whether you are just starting to introduce people leader mental health skills or developing your capability further…

…you can create a more empowered, engaged and connected working culture in as little as 15-minutes per week

Level 1

Live Training: Starting out or building advocates

Whatever your organisation’s level of mental health skills capability, we have live training options to meet your needs.

  • Line Manager: Half Day ‘Leading with Mental Health in Mind’ Course
  • Genesis Programmes for mental health learning at scale
  • Half Day MHFA Awareness®
  • 1 Day MHFA Champion®
  • 2 Day MHFAider®
  • Customised training, course development, workshops and webinars

Level 2

Genesis: Developing Skills and Connecting Teams

For organisations that are ready for a scalable, human antidote to workplace mental health and wellbeing apps.

Genesis is an easy-to-use, bite-sized online programme for mental health training that fits into the flow of work.

Empower your people leaders without any pressure with our out of the box online programmes, that people leaders can safely bring to life.

Learning collectively in teams for just 15 minutes per week ensures everyone at every level is learning in the same way and using the same common language. It quickly reduces the stigma, fear and judgement associated with talking about mental health and develops mental health inclusivity.

Whether your teams work together in-person, hybrid, or remotely, Genesis permeates knowledge and creates the psychological safety needed to shift the cultural dial.

Our approach builds an

What clients say about us

Kristin Seljeflot

"Olly was a great instructor, giving lots of sensitive guidance and encouraging a lot of thought provoking discussion."

Mental Health Course Delegate

"The instructors were wonderful - open minded, respectful and full of enthusiasm. I really valued the examples and insights they shared about their experiences of mental health. They made me feel very welcome - which in turn helped me to learn. "

Nationwide - Manager

"It raised some really key insights into how, as leaders, our shadow can spread amongst the team. The past experiences shared by the presenters really brought a greater depth to the subject and helped people open up more during the session."

Police Scotland - Chief Inspector

"Olly and Tim’s operational background gave them a unique insight and understanding into the demands of working with first responders and nothing was too much trouble. The administrative support provided was exceptional."

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service - Station Manager

"Such a great course and so pleased to have been given this opportunity. All the materials are relevant and helpful to refer back to. Feeling better prepared to support my colleagues if and when they need me. Honestly one of the best things I’ve done through work!"

South Yorkshire Police - Chief Inspector

"Eleos were adept at problem solving, something that was key in delivering such an innovative programme and had a tangible passion to make a difference through the programme."

Mental Health Course Delegate

"Excellent course covering all areas of mental health. The course leaders, Olly and Tim, were AMAZING and delivered the course with the perfect balance of MHFA content and their personal insights/experiences. Left with an in-depth knowledge of how to identify, understand and recommend professional help to someone experiencing mental health issues."

Vetrun 180

"Amazing set of instructors and their own personal experience added to what they taught and put across. Both instructors we able to share life experiences with the group which made the course very real."

South Yorkshire Police - Chief Inspector

"All eighty sessions were delivered live, on time and without issue. The programme was backed up by a sizeable individual workbook, designed specifically for the Force’s unique requirements."

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