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Not sure where or how to start with wellbeing? Start smartly with our Quick Start Package

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. But for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, they get back £5 in reduced absence, presenteeism, and staff turnover.Deloitte, 2020

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Mental Health and Corporate Wellbeing programmes to support your people

Do your teams have the knowledge they need around mental health? We will help develop the necessary skills and confidence in your people, establish a positive common language, and provide a flexible support framework.

Would your people benefit from optimising their mental fitness?

Our live online training provides simple and effective tools that can be incorporated straightaway. We don’t outsource – you will work directly with one of our team.

Just need to start somewhere?

Finding a start point is often a challenge. We’ll get everyone measuring and exploring their current mental fitness immediately with the market-leading digital platform. Championing workforce wellbeing can feel like a huge responsibility, alongside inevitable worries about the time and costs involved. You’ll recognise it’s critically important, and may see the cracks forming, but you also may need information and guidance.

Start smartly with our Quick Start Package 
or lay solid, sustainable foundations with a customised programme


Integrating Wellbeing with Performance is fundamental for organisational health

Smart leaders know mental fitness is critical
and smart teams look to smart leaders.

We work with any size of organisation in both public and private sectors who see the value and opportunity of investing in the wellbeing of their people.

Our mission is finding you the best starting point to improve and sustain your individual and organisational health.

What we do really well is empathise with your organisational challenges to help you strategise and create momentum. Even during our initial discussion, we will suggest an impactful starting point so you can hit the ground running and quickly see results.

Our Quick Start Package is
poised to deliver what you
need now to get started

The package consists of some of our most impactful solutions compressed into manageable chunks across 10 hours of live online training. We created it for rapid implementation and to help you kickstart, evolve and sustain your workforce wellbeing.


With the 87% Mental
Fitness Mobile App


With online Mental
Fitness & Resilience

What's Included in the
Quick Start Package?

Our aim is to get you started, building rapid momentum but keeping the risk low. You then have the flexibility to focus on areas where you see the greatest need.

Organisational health
strategy support

10 hours of live
online training

Accredited mental
health training

Mental fitness

Personalised strategies

Live engagement
and Q&A

Digital mental fitness
platform & mobile app

The benefits of investing in organisational
health are vast, including:

Improved staff wellbeing, engagement and commitment

Our live online training provides simple
and effective tools that can be
incorporated straightaway. We don’t
outsource – you will work directly with one
of our team.

Improved individual and
collective performance

There is a strong link between levels of staff wellbeing and motivation and performance. The positive, proactive approach promoted by increased mental wellbeing helps strengthen employees and the organisation as a whole.

An efficient, healthier,
happier workplace

Estimates suggest 40% of absence is for
mental health reasons. This number would
be radically reduced if leaders actively
sought to improve their employee’s
mental fitness.
It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.Epictetus

Speak to one of us to explore options

Smart leaders know mental fitness is critical.
Smart teams look to smart leaders.
We have the insight and experience to help you.


Call us to explore options
for your organisation

During an initial discussion we will seek to understand your
challenges, generate options with you and identify a clear
recommended start point for you.


    What clients say
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    Our clients say that they really appreciate how we always endeavour to work with them to generate options and solutions as they emerge during the evolution of their wellbeing strategies and their implementation.